The home buying process.

imagesI realized when I was young that there are stages of freedom in our lives. You just don’t realize them until you experience them. The first one is when we get our first bicycle. No training wheels and the freedom to ride to your friends house or the park on your own. The second is when you move out and get your own place. Apartment or dorm room it doesn’t matter its your own. The third is when you get your own washer and dryer. I’m talking about under the same roof. The forth is when you own Real Estate. You are the king of your castle. My Goal is to lay out the steps involved in buying a house, and for you to have a better understanding of what takes place and why.

  • The first step in the home buying process is to speak with a mortgage lender . You want to be pre-approved before you start to look. I always recommend talking with a few lenders. You will find a difference in closing cost and interest rates. You also may find that you feel more comfortable working with one lender over the other. The lender will give you a pre-approval letter. The pre-approval process will give you the price range that you need to stay within when searching for your next home. It will also be submitted with an offer on a house.
  • Let the home search began. You have access to plenty of sites like, Zillow, or  where you can search for homes on your own. These sites all have the same information, there is no need to jump from site to site. The best advice I can give you is to talk with your Realtor. (list of great Realtors) Face to face is best. Tell them the specifics of what you are looking for, be detailed. It will make the home search go much smother for you. Remember your Realtor is on your side. They are not going to try and sell you something you don’t want or cant afford. Communication is key hereimages (1)
  • So you have found your dream home. Get insurance quotes. Your insurance agent will give a quote and let you know if flood insurance is required. I will provide you with the property tax information. Now you meet back with the lender with the insurance quote and tax information on the home you have found. Your lender will go over what your down payment will be (if any, need a loan with 0 down?), what the expected closing costs and pre-pays (taxes and insurance) will be needed at the closing.
  • Now we write the offer. The seller can accept the offer as is, counter your offer or reject the offer. If the offer is countered then we negotiate with the seller until we reach an agreement.
  • When the offer is accepted, you are under contract. The earnest deposit (normally 1% of the sales price) has to be turned in with in 24 hours of the accepted offer. It is usually held with the closing attorney’s office.  I send a copy of the contract to your lender and the closing attorney so they can began working on the loan and title work. Ones you are in a contract you cannot back out unless there is a contingency to protect you. Some contingency are built into the contract. The ability to get the loan, a home inspection that meets your satisfaction and the home appraising. We can add special contingencies if needed to the contract. I want to protect the buyer as needed for any special circumstances.
  • Home Inspection needs to be completed with in the first 10 days of an accepted contract. We can recommend Home inspectors, but it is up to you to chose, schedule and pay for the home inspecimages (2)tor. They normally cost between 350 and 550 depending on the size of the house. I always recommend to clients to try and be there for at least the last hour of the home inspection. You should get a detailed report from the inspection, but it is always best to have first hand knowledge of any issues there may be with the home.
  • Inspection contingency If you are satisfied with the inspection results then we release the home inspection contingency and move on. If there are repairs that we are requesting then we document those items with photos asking for the seller to repair or replace those items. If the seller does not agree to do the repairs then you have the option to walk away and get your earnest money back or agree to move forward with the house the way it is. If they agree to fix the items then you are still bound to the contract.
  • The appraisal is the next step in the home buying process.
  • What is an appraisal? It is an unbiased estimate of the true value of what the home is worth. Lenders order an appraisal during the mortgage process. It is an objective way to assess the home’s market value. The bank must make sure that the amount of money you are borrowing is not more than the house is worth. Your lender will order the appraisal, it normally cost around $450 your lender can give you an exact cost. This is normally and up front cost, but sometimes it is added to the loan. If the house appraises at the contract price or above then all is good and we keep moving on. If the appraisal is lower than the contract price then we ask the seller to lower the price to the appraised value. If the seller does not agree to lower the price you can pay the difference out of pocket, or walk away from the contract.
  • The termite inspection (Wood Destroying Inspect Report) WDIR is done at this point. This can be a buyer or sellers expense. It is written in the offer who pays for it. If the report shows no active termites or other wood destroying insects and there is no wood damage you will receive a clear report. If there are issues the house will have to be treated and repaired at the sellers expense. You have the opportunity to back out of the contract if active insects are
  • Your loan will move to Underwriting you are almost done. The Underwriters will make sure everything is correct. (income, debt, appraisal, required repairs, WDIR). They may ask for more documents from you at this point. You will want to get them to your lender quickly. It is also very important that when you go under contract to purchase a home you don’t make any changes to your income or debt during this time. Don’t change or quite your job, buy a new car or add debt to your credit cards. They will check for these things.
  • Closing Disclosure 3 day rule. You will receive Closing Documents from your lender 72 hours before closing. They contain details of the mortgag fees and other costs to get your mortgage. You sign these and send them back.e loan you are getting, the loan terms, your projected monthly payments, and how much you will pay in
  • Final walk through (normally 24 hours before closing) I will schedule a time for us to walk through the house. We are checking to make sure the property is in the same condition it was when we entered the contract, any repairs requested have been completed and the property meets the terms of the contract.
  • The closing day is normally scheduled at this point, all people on the loan will need to be there to sign. If you are bringing money to the closing it needs to be certified funds made out to the attorney or title company. You will also need your I.D.
  • Congratulations you are done! You are a new home owner. There is a lot of steps to buying a house but it reallyimages (3) is not difficult. There are a lot of moving parts going on that your Realtor, Mortgage lender and closing attorney are taking care of or guiding you through. I would say its time to relax, but you have furniture to move.

More information for First Time Home Buyers 

Morgan Young and Kristy Young are both licensed Realtors with NextHome E-Realty on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. If you are still reading at this point you must be in the market for a new home. Give                                                                                     them a call, they will be glad to help. 228-239-0371 




eli and old fire truck

2018 Cruisin’ the Coast

cruisin the coast

Cruisin’ the Coast is a HUGE annual event held here on the MS Gulf Coast. In fact, it has become the largest special event in MS. Cruisin’ the Coast has grown from 374 registered vehicles it’s first year to over 8,000 registered vehicles last year.  Every year, usually the first week in October, thousands of people and classic, antique and hot rod cars flock to the coast to enjoy fellowship and a common hobby or interest. Event’s are planned throughout the week, up and down the 30-mile stretch of our beautiful MS Gulf Coast. Event’s include things such as: cruise ins, live bands, auctions, swap meet, Salute to Our Veterans event, and parades!

eli and old fire truck Below you will find a link to the official Cruisin’ the Coast website with information and a schedule of events. In preparation for Cruisin’ the Coast, I made a little field trip last week to both the Biloxi Visitor’s Center and Gulfport Visitor Center, also know as Grass Lawn. I encourage you to visit both as you are cruising along the coast. They have the sweetest people working in there. A stop at these two places can make a difference in your trip. Both locations can provide you with a plethora of information, from hotel/lodging accommodations to the best restaurants to check out. You can also find coupons and local history. The wonderful staff can give you some inside tips and tricks to make the most of your visit to the MS Gulf Coast and this fantastic event.

2018 Cruisin’ the Coast Schedule

If you are driving around the MS Gulf Coast during your visit to the Cruisin’ the Coast event,  and find yourself wondering… “Could I live here?”, “I wonder what the real estate market is like on the coast?”, “Should we buy a vacation home?”, “Maybe an investment property, that could double as both a vacation home and an income producing property?” then give us a call! We would love to visit with you, buy you a cup of coffee and discuss the market here on the coast and the endless possibilities that are waiting for you!

Kaleigh and VW
Some websites have named cities on our coast, the best beachfront towns to retire to! So don’t miss out on your happy retirement!

The CheatSheet’s Best Beach Front Towns to Retire

Biloxi, MS named in WalletHubs Best BeachTowns to Retire


*Information was gathered from Cruisin’ the Coast official website.





Are you looking to purchase a home in Harrison County, MS but need a little down payment assistance? Below you will find a link to the information package from Harrison County Home Consortium Grant. This information will lay out all the requirements you need to meet to qualify for this grant. It also gives you the requirements the home must meet. For instance, purchase price can not be more than $147,000. It has to have been built after 1980 and can NOT be in a flood zone. There is more to it, so read the entire packet and it will give you all the information. You will also find the income eligibility, which changes with the size of your household (number of people in your family). You will have to pick up the application in person, downtown Gulfport. (1410 24th Ave. Gulfport, MS) They do not do applications online.


Click below to see if you qualify




Need a Loan with $0 Down? New USDA Income Limits

Rural Housing / USDA made some recent adjustments to the allowable household income limits.  For buyers that don’t already know, the USDA housing program will allow approved borrowers secure home financing up to 100% with no down payment needed. However, the program has a few important requirements in the way of “eligibility”   First, the house has to be USDA 0 down paymentlocated in a rural defined location.  The good news is many locations we wouldn’t think as “rural” are still approved areas. Home buyers can search for homes here. If the home is USDA eligible, the listing will usually say so. If there is a question of whether the property is eligible for USDA RD loan, check out the property eligibility here.

The second main requirement is the gross income amount of the family. There is a limit to this, which will depend on the family size and the number of dependents.  USDA Rural Development loans are geared more towards lower/moderate income households.  In MS , the 502 Guaranteed housing income cap for a standard family of 1-4 is $82,700. For families of 5+ members, the limits increase to over $109,150.  Buyers can check their locations income limits here.

Loan applicants will want to remember a few things in regards to the income restrictions:

  • The income limits are based on the borrower(s) current GROSS income. Future income after loan closing is not relevant.
  • These income caps apply to every member of the family that makes income – even if they are NOT applying for the loan.
  • Family with children or other dependents can take certain deductions.
  • Borrowers can look at the link above for their area income limit, or use the handy USDA income calculator here.  Pay attention to the listed limits for “Section 502 Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program”

In addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, USDA also has loan qualifying parameters that must be met:

  • Borrower will want to ensure they have a min 620 credit score
  • All the qualifying income used on the loan application must be documented,  borrowers should have a stable job history. These requirements are pretty much the same as other government backed mortgages like FHA or VA
  • The program can only be used to purchase homes that will be owner occupied. Investors are not permitted.

USDA offers many advantages especially to first time home buyers just starting out.  Zero down payment, seller paid closing costs permitted, secure fix interest rates and backed by the U.S. gov.  Applicants can learn more about all the advantages by viewing the USDA Loan Eligibility page above.  Contact us 7 days a week to learn more! Morgan and Kristy Young @ NextHome E-Realty, 228-239-0371 or 228-697-1575. You can call, text, FB message or email. Any form of communication is good with us! We will get back to you immediately!

pic of us*The info for this article was copied from

Mortgage Lenders on the MS Gulf Coast


The very first step towards purchasing your NextHome should be choosing and talking with a mortgage lender. Most consumers are reluctant to take that first step towards purchasing a home due to fears that they won’t qualify for a mortgage loan because of old debt, bad credit or not enough income, etc. More times than not, these conditions are not as bad as consumers think they are. There are loan products out there that you can get with a credit score as low as 580, if you meet certain criteria. The best thing to do is talk to the lender. They will look at all of these things and if you aren’t quite credit ready, the lender will have a plan of action to get you there. It’s all about taking that first step.

Here you will find information on some of our favorite lenders here on the MS Gulf Coast. I chose these lenders because of several reasons, here are just a few:

  • These lenders all understand that your time is valuable and they work quickly to get you into a home in good timing.
  • They all understand that the home purchase is the biggest, most important purchase of your life and they take this purchase seriously. They will work for you just as hard as they would for themselves.
  • The lenders here all have great communication. They will work with you and your Realtor to keep you in the loop and explain the steps of the mortgage process along the way. They don’t call you every day and bug you, but they do call you with updates and info that you need to know.
  • They all offer various loan products and are very good at finding the right mortgage loan for app with key
  • They each have knowledge of the different grants and programs that are available to first time home buyers and some for buyers that might not be first time.

Mortgage Lenders

  • Gulf South Mortgage / Chris Ladner
    • Office: 228-831-0933
    • Fax: 228-831-0518
    • Email
    • Link: Gulf South Mortgage
  • Regions Mortgage / Dawn Ladner
    • Office:228-701-9068
    • Cell: 228-547-6566
    • Fax: 228-897-7749
    • Email:
    • Link: Regions Mortgage
  • Supreme Lending / Michael Cobb
    • Direct: (228) 357-9590
    • Branch: (228) 357-9590
    • Fax: 228-357-9617
    • Email:

This is just our top 3 but there are many great lenders on the MS Gulf Coast. I hope this helps you with choosing the right mortgage lender. I suggest calling and/or visiting all 3, and others you might be considering. From there see which one you feel would be the best for you. Consider the products they have to offer and the ease of conversation and interaction you have with them. Once you have decided on a mortgage lender, your Realtor will work closely with that lender to determine what your price range is.  You are now on the path to finding your NextHome.

Do you have a favorite lender that you have worked with before? If so, comment below and let us know!

mortgage ipad

First Time Home Buyers Start Here!

first homeThe process of buying your first home can be a scary one. It can also be exciting. This will be possibly the biggest purchase of your life. It’s important to know what resources and programs are available to you. You don’t want to miss out on anything that might make the experience even better! Below I have added links to different programs, grants, etc. that could help you get that home and save a little at the same time. You will also find a link to several mortgage lender options. We are providing this information to help you. We won’t make you talk to us or call us to get the info. It’s out there for free anyway. We have just put it all in one place. We do hope that you will contact us with any questions you have and that you would give us the opportunity to help you find your NextHome!


  • Home Consortium 2018
    • This grant offers up to $30,000 towards the purchase of a home. Click the link above to read the requirements to qualify and the requirements of the home you purchase. Call me if you have any questions. We have had several clients receive this grant and it was most certainly a game changer. It is on a first come first serve basis, so time is of the essence. If you get approved for the grant, it does not mean you will get it. Buyers that close on their home first get the grant until the program no longer has funds. Once the funds are all allocated, they will close the program until more funds are available.
  • MS Home Corporation has several loan programs and lots of great advice and steps to follow in the purchase of your NextHome. Some of these include:
    • Smart Solution Mortgage
      • 97% Loan (Conventional Only)
      • Lower mortgage insurance premiumsSmart Solution
      • Competitive interest rates quoted daily
      • First-time homebuyers may be eligible for more savings by combining a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) with MHC’s Smart Solution Mortgage. Qualifying homebuyer may claim 40% of their mortgage interest (up to $2000 per year) as credit on federal income taxes, while still claiming the remaining 60% of interest as a deduction
      • Smart Solution and the MCC are both available statewide through participating lenders. Contact a participating lender below to find out if you quality for MHC’s Smart Solution mortgage program!
    • Mortgage Revenue Bond
        • 30 year fixed rate (rate subject to change)
        • FHA insured, VA, Rural Development and Conventional Loans
        • No liquid asset limit
        • 3.5% Cash Advance for down payment and/or closing costs
  • USDA Rural Development Single Family Housing Programs
  • Renaissance Community Loan Fund

These are just some of the programs and loan options available to you as a first time home buyer, or even some available to you if you are not a first time home buyer. Really a great first step is to check these out, see which one might be the best option for you and then give me a call (228-239-0371) and we will help set you up with a great mortgage lender to fit your needs. One that will work with you on these grants, programs, etc. and together we can all get you on the road to your NextHome!

P.S. If you are not a first time home buyer and you’ve heard you have to have 20% down, it’s NOT always TRUE. There are options for you as well. In fact some of the options above may still be available to you. Let’s talk and find the right path for you!

american dream




welcome ms gulf coast

Why would anyone really want to live on the MS Gulf Coast?


Have you ever asked or heard someone else ask “Why would anyone really want to live on the MS Gulf Coast?” I have heard some ask this question and it got me thinking of all the reasons why; but the answer became very clear after staying home (or close to home) on the MS Gulf Coast, during my kids’ spring break! Let me tell you all the great things we did to fill our spring break, and the best part… all of them were either on the MS Gulf Coast or less than 2 hours away from it; and this is just a small portion of what the MS Gulf Coast has to offer.


  1. WE STAYED HOME: We started out our spring break right here at home, in GuEli at the poollfport, with lunch at Captain Al’s Steak and Shrimp. We were able to fish in the lake right in our own backyard. We had crawfish and fellowship on our neighbors back porch, overlooking the lake. We swam in the neighborhood pool, played on the playground and walked on some nature trails. My boys got a hair cut, @ Southern Gents for Easter and even got Snow Boogers (If you haven’t had Snow Boogers yet, you must put it on your to do list!) since they were set up for Southern Gents grand opening. This was all on Friday and Saturday before Easter!
  2. CHURCH AND OAK CREST MANSION : For Easter we celebrated the resuoak crest bunny (2)rrection of Christ at Campground Baptist Church, one of the many wonderful churches all along our coast. After enjoying the morning, we changed our traditional Easter family lunch gathering at home and decided to go enjoy the delicious and beautiful brunch offered by Oak Crest Mansion. It was amazing and the grounds are beautiful. This is operated as a bed and breakfast as well, and they often hosts other events such as weddings, murder mystery dinners, tea parties and more.
  3. GULF SHORES, AL: Our home is just under 2 hours to our destination in Gulf Shores, AL. (Side note: we are also only approx. an hour away from New Orleans and Hattkaleigh on beachiesburg, and about 45 minutes from Mobile and Slidell). It was a fun 3 day get away, without a long drive. We were able to hang out on the beach, and spend hours at Lulu’s on the same day that we drove back home. We enjoyed paddle boarding, fishing, splashing in the waves and great food at places like The Hangout.
  4. EXPLORE THE MS GULF COAST: We were exhausted when we got home, but we still had a couple days left of spring break! We slept late the next day and then went fishing, swimming Noah fishing (2)and playing right here in our neighborhood… again! The next day was Saturday, so one of the boys had a basketball game. They play sports in the awesome Upward Sports League. The basketball game was great, and when we left, we headed to the always fabulous Pass Christian Art Festival! We have done this for, I believe, the last 4 or 5 years now. I would go into detail, but that deserves a blog post all of its own! It’s great. The event hosts so many local artists and some that travel from other states. Saturday, you have access to Celebrate the Gulf Marine Educational Festival, that is held concurrently with the art festival. It offers so many displays, activities and demonstrations where the kids learn and explore all kinds of great things about our Gulf, rivers and more! After leaving the festival, we went to check out this cool little hiking trail. A friendly woman that was working the Department of Marine Resources booth at the Marine Educational Festival told us about it. It’s part of the Coastal Preserves program. As soon as she mentioned that we could make it to the Wolf River, so my son had to do it!                                                                                                                    And of course…. no spring break (or weekend, party) is complete without a visit from the  nostalgic Little Blue Truck and Mrs. Charlie! The Little Blue Truck does appearances for parties, click the picture for more info!

charlie and boys

It was a fun-filled and busy week and this was just a VERY small sampling of what the MS Gulf Coast has to offer if you decide to call it home! We’re proud to raise our kids here and would love to help you find a place to raise yours; or just enjoy retirement. We got to do so many things and didn’t have to be stuck in the car for a long drive. I’ve lived here 34+ years, been a Realtor here for almost 10, but still discover new things all the time. That’s what is so great about the MS Gulf Coast. There is always something to do or something to discover! You are a short drive to so many places: New Orleans, Slidell, Mobile, Gulf Shores, Pensacola and so many more. Couple that with the low prices on homes in MS, and my question is why not consider the MS Gulf Coast for your NextHome!

ryder and noah (2)If you are considering moving to the #MSGulfCoast, download our Free Home Search App and start the search for your NextHome!



Things To Do This Weekend on the MS Gulf Coast: March 29-April 1, 2018

welcome ms gulf coastAre you looking to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend? Wondering what there is to do? As  coast resident, dad and someone who likes to get out and enjoy the coast, I know the benefit of having a quick list of events and things to do in my area. I have put together a list to share with you, of all the happenings this weekend! It is broken down by city.

If you are considering buying your NextHome,  download this free app: Free Home Search App and see what homes are available in the area.

Bay St. Louis/Waveland and other areas of Hancock County:

  • McLeod Park Easter Egg Hunt: Location: Mecleod Park, Kiln MS Time/Date: 2:00 p.m. Saturday, March 31, 2018. There will be Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Bunny, Golf Cart Decoration and Parade, Easter Bonnet Contest and more.
  • Stella Yelling Contest: Location: BSL Little Theater Time/Date: 3:30 p.m.  BSL bridgeSaturday, March 31, 2018  Free for spectators and $10 for contestants. There’s prize $$.  For more info call: (228) 467-9024
  • Bay Bikers Social Bike Ride: Location: Daiquiri Shak, 112 Court St., Bay St. Louis, MS. Time/Date: 7:30 pm-till. Each Friday, weather permitting, area bicyclists meet in the evening and take a tour around town. It’s an adult social group and everyone is welcome. Most rides end with a stop at a local restaurant or bar.
  • Side note: Bay St. Louis was just named one of the best Easter weekend getaways in this article: Vacation Idea’s 25 Best Easter Weekend Getaways

Pass Christian: tulips and easter eggs

  • City of Pass Christian Parks Commission Easter Egg Hunt: Location: War Memorial Park. Time/Date: 10 a.m. Saturday, March 31, 2018.
  • Easter Brunch: Location: Oak Crest Mansion Time/Date: Reservations required, times vary, Sunday, April 1, 2018. For more info visit their Face Book page.
  • For other things to do check these out:
    • Gun Ho Indoor Shooting Range. More info here: Gun Ho Indoor Shooting Range
    • Pass Christian Harbor and Parks. Pass Christian has a beautiful Harbor with several restaurants and playgrounds. Find more info here : Pass Christian

Long Beach:

  • Annual Jazz and Blues Festival: FREE EVENT Location: University Southern Mississippi – Gulf Park Campus, 730 East Beach Blvd, Long Beach. Time/Date: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, March 31, 2018. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt! For more info visit: USM Jazz and Blues Festival
  • For other things to do check these out:


  • Sno Boogers @ Southern Gent’s Men’s Hair Salon Grand Opening: Location: 12460 Hwy 49, Gulfport. Time/Date: 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, March 31, 2018. For more info or to schedule an appointment with Southern Gent’s visit: Southern Gent’s Men’s Hair Salon.
  • Egg Hunt @ Saucier Elementary: Location: Saucier Elementary school. Time/Date: 10 a.m. Saturday, March 31, 2018.
  • Other things to do in Gulfport/Saucier area:
    • The IMMS and the new Ocean Adventures facililty: Click here for more details: IMMS . This is a very neat place to visit. I did find that the IMMS website itself does not have a lot of great info on the new Ocean Adventures Marine Park. If you want more details on it before making the trip, check this article out. I found it very helpful and informative: Ocean Adventures Marine Park Article
    • Lynn Meadows Discovery Center: More info visit: Lynn Meadows Discovery Center


  • Easter Egg Hunt at Lava Links: Location: Lava Links Miniature Golf Club at the Scarlet Pearl Casino. Time/Date: 10 a.m. , Saturday, March 31, 2018. This is a FREE event, however tickets need to be picked up in advance and there are some limitations. Visit, Lava Links, Scarlet Pearl , for more info. easter egg hunt
  • Easter Egg Hunt at Beauvoir: Location: Beauvoir, The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library. Time/Date: 10 a.m., Saturday, March 31, 2018. More info visit: Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library
  • Salvation Army Taste of  South MS : Location: Salvation Army Kroc Center. Time/Date: 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m., Friday, March 30, 2018. Click here for more info: Salvation Army Taste of South MS

Ocean Springs:

Pascagoula/Moss Point/Gautier: 

  • Pascagoula:
    • City of Pascagoula’s 40th Easter Egg Hunt: Location: Beach Park, Pascagoula. Time/Date: 6 p.m., Thursday, March 29, 2018. More info: Pascagoula Easter Egg Hunt
    • Paddlepalooza Twilight Paddle: Location: Lighthouse Park, Pascagoula. Time/Date: 5-9 p.m., Saturday March 31, 2018. Paddlepalooza  audubon center
    • This is a neat place to visit: Pascagoula River Audubon Center
  • Moss Point:
    • More info for things to do in Moss Point click : Moss Point
  • Gautier:


So, this should give you plenty of options. I plan to put out an updated list every Friday, so if you ever find yourself wondering what is going on on the Coast for the weekend, just check here! If you have any events that I don’t have listed or suggestions please leave a comment and let me know!!! It’s going to be rain this week, but should clear up in time for the weekend. I hope you get out this weekend and really enjoy our beautiful coast and this beautiful weather!!


Roughin It With the Rugrats: Home Shopping With Kids

familyHome shopping is a complex, emotional and sometimes overwhelming experience. Add kids to the mix and you just doubled that level of complexity, emotions and your chances of getting overwhelmed. That’s OK… take it from a Realtor who has worked for many clients with children, it’s normal! There was even a movie made (Pixar’s Inside Out) about how terrifying and emotional moving can be for a child; especially one who is moving a good distance from their current home and has to navigate a new home, new schools and new friends. However just like with many scary things, it can also be an exciting time, especially for younger children. So let’s explore what parents are looking for vs. what kids are looking for and the importance of putting these things into perspective. Make sure to read to the end for my final piece of advice!

Continue reading