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The very first step towards purchasing your NextHome should be choosing and talking with a mortgage lender. Most consumers are reluctant to take that first step towards purchasing a home due to fears that they won’t qualify for a mortgage loan because of old debt, bad credit or not enough income, etc. More times than not, these conditions are not as bad as consumers think they are. There are loan products out there that you can get with a credit score as low as 580, if you meet certain criteria. The best thing to do is talk to the lender. They will look at all of these things and if you aren’t quite credit ready, the lender will have a plan of action to get you there. It’s all about taking that first step.

Here you will find information on some of our favorite lenders here on the MS Gulf Coast. I chose these lenders because of several reasons, here are just a few:

  • These lenders all understand that your time is valuable and they work quickly to get you into a home in good timing.
  • They all understand that the home purchase is the biggest, most important purchase of your life and they take this purchase seriously. They will work for you just as hard as they would for themselves.
  • The lenders here all have great communication. They will work with you and your Realtor to keep you in the loop and explain the steps of the mortgage process along the way. They don’t call you every day and bug you, but they do call you with updates and info that you need to know.
  • They all offer various loan products and are very good at finding the right mortgage loan for app with key
  • They each have knowledge of the different grants and programs that are available to first time home buyers and some for buyers that might not be first time.

Mortgage Lenders

  • Gulf South Mortgage / Chris Ladner
    • Office: 228-831-0933
    • Fax: 228-831-0518
    • Email
    • Link: Gulf South Mortgage
  • Regions Mortgage / Dawn Ladner
    • Office:228-701-9068
    • Cell: 228-547-6566
    • Fax: 228-897-7749
    • Email:
    • Link: Regions Mortgage
  • Cardinal Financial Company / Kevin Meador
    • Direct: 228-365-8690
    • Office: 228-285-7006
    • Email:

This is just our top 3 but there are many great lenders on the MS Gulf Coast. I hope this helps you with choosing the right mortgage lender. I suggest calling and/or visiting all 3, and others you might be considering. From there see which one you feel would be the best for you. Consider the products they have to offer and the ease of conversation and interaction you have with them. Once you have decided on a mortgage lender, your Realtor will work closely with that lender to determine what your price range is.  You are now on the path to finding your NextHome.

Do you have a favorite lender that you have worked with before? If so, comment below and let us know!

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